Artist Profile Film: Dawn Tan

It's finally here!

A very big thank you to illustrator Dawn Tan, who trusted me with the task of creating this short artist profile film. Dawn and I spent the day together – filming, photographing, laughing, sharing stories, cooking (her) and being generally awe-struck (me). Dawn is a full blown sweetheart, with a voice like honey and an abundance of talent, this film has been one of my favourite projects to date. Granted it came with it’s challenges (editing is not my strong suit), but looking back at the film I am incredibly proud. Another big contributing factor that made this film extra special was the music. My friends Taran Jensen and Tom Vandersluys put together two original compositions, specially for the film. Dawn and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve received so many beautiful messages about how well it complements the footage, and I wholeheartedly agree! Thank you again guys!

Dawn was patient, understanding and helpful throughout this entire project. I hope that when she looks back on this film in the future, she is filled with fuzzy feels.

Watch Dawn speak about her journey, the project that got her started and how food fuels her motivation, amongst some lovely footage of her cooking, gardening and working (if I do say so myself).

Artist: Dawn Tan, represented by Jacky Winter.
Music: Taran Jensen & Tom Vandersluys.
Filming / Direction: Tatanja Ross.