Artist Profile: Ivonna Buenrostro

Every now and then we are lucky enough to experience something that makes us glow with happiness; a jubilant song, a warm sleep in, a new friend, discovering an incredible artist. Finding Ivonna Buenrostro’s illustrations encapsulates that feeling. Dividing her styles in to tidy pseudonyms and blogs, Ivonna draws portraits of film stars, quotes, cute girls and pop culture references. Her style draws an emotive familiarity and warmth out of it’s viewers and whispers remembrances of a past life. A culmination of tiny moments that you’ve been thinking about for years, suddenly captured in delicate artwork. When I first saw Ivonna’s work I felt an instant connection to both herself, and the subjects. I was so excited to get to do a short interview with her and hope you will love and treasure her work as much as I do.

Hello Ivonna! Thank you for being part of an artist profile with On Jackson Street, I recently came across your work and was instantly smitten! Can you begin by telling me a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m an illustrator based in Toluca, México. I make drawings of faces, derivations of art I like, such as movies and music, I also enjoy drawing a lot of girls.

As well as illustrating under your own name, you also create works under the pseudonym‘Heartbeats Club’. I love how you’ve restyled so many great pop culture moments. How did you develop the marriage of this style and the concept of drawing ideas from films / tv shows?

I was doing some illustrations under another pseudonym before and I thought it would be better if I put illustrations based on movies, music and fashion (plus other forms of art) in a separate project, which came to be: heartbeats club. I am satisfied with that; I like naming projects and organising.

What is your earliest memory of creating?

I think most people are at it’s most creative when they are kids, I loved touching things as a baby (such as sand and pancakes as I can see from pictures) but I started drawing my friends in high school in a very simple style.

I love that you allow your viewers and followers to prompt ideas for new drawings, who has been your favourite character to draw so far?

I think Faye Wong was in my list for a while and when I finally get to finish the portrait it was satisfying making a tribute that wasn’t easy for a movie I loved, M.I.A was pretty cool to draw too.

What are a few items in your workspace that are integral to your productivity?

Pencils, eraser, cutter and scanner.

What are some things that are helping you to create at the moment?

The constant feeling of nostalgia portrayed in faces, books, movies.

All of your work has such a tender and delicate tone to it. When I came across your illustrations, I almost felt a wave of nostalgia and warmth, as though I had seen my thoughts translated to visuals. What do you hope your art evokes in it’s viewers?

It’s so cool you felt that! I don’t know if I’d like to evoke a certain feeling but I often choose characters that don’t know who they are yet or show powerful features while being also fragile.

What is your proudest moment?

Remaining strong to give support to a loved one.

Can you curate and share a 3 song (or short) playlist that is ideal for understanding Ivonna Buenrostro?

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – Lenny Kravitz
Loving 1.1 – NRVS
Crush On You – Lil’ Kim