Publication Update: 'Thanks For Having Me'

Hello all, I hope you’ve been enjoying the artist profiles recently. Big news! I’ve finally named my interior photography publication! 


After shooting for over three months, and spending so many hours thanking these incredible creative souls, Thanks For Having Me just felt right. And I am! Incredibly thankful for the time, patience, hospitality, cookies, coffees, gifts and trust that so many people have given me, and I can’t think of a better way to show that than by taking beautiful photos of their special spaces. Here is my third update on the publication participants, only one more week of shooting to go before I begin laying out the book.

Thanks for looking and more updates to come!

Gemma Patford in her studio.

Cat Rabbit and Callum Addis in their home studio.

Gemma Topliss in her studio.

Lisa Currie in her home studio.

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