The First Day of Spring

I’ve previously spoken about how I met Evie, but we’ve known each other for nearly a year now so this feels like a good time to write a huge post dedicated to our ongoing business relationship/burgeoning personal friendship. Let’s call it the Evie Cahir Masterpost, because I really have no good reason to share this many photos of her in a row besides the fact that I think she is a seriously good egg.

I remember the day Evie first emailed me vividly. 40% because it was incredibly hot and the trauma of walking in the heat always sticks with me, 60% because I knew her work. I was incredibly chuffed anyone would want me to create a promotional film for them, let alone this great artist I already adored. We completed the film in quick succession — condensing three sessions of filming, photos, recording and editing into a fortnight. It was a lot quicker than I had worked on film previously, but it was easy work because being around Evie was comfortable.

It’s true that sometimes you meet people that you feel as if you’ve known for years. Evie is one of those people. She is incredibly warm, her energy is so quick and sharp, and she makes you want to be and do better. To work faster, to laugh louder, to share more. It sounds like a tacky cliche but I’m positive you’ve met people like this before. Their friendship feels like finally coming home from a long trip. Suddenly you’re comfortable – everything feels familiar, happy and very freeing. Evie is such an immense talent that just being around her makes me want to excel. That is exactly the type of person you should spend your time searching for and surrounding yourself with.

This was the third time I’ve photographed Evie and we’ve done it enough times now that we’re at a point where we just fall in to a confident stride. Every shoot is a little better than the last. These particular photographs were taken to accompany an interview, but they were too good to not share myself.

Thanks for making my job easy and enjoyable Evie, I dig ya.

Evie Cahir is a Melbourne based illustrator who’s work can be found herehere and here