Thanks For Having Me Update

It’s been a while since I shared any photos from my upcoming publication TFHM, and there’s a few shoots I missed, so here’s a non-chronological update of where the project is currently at.

I’ve been lucky enough to land some commercial jobs recently, so my personal projects have slowed down significantly. I started Thanks For Having Me in April, and although I never had a specific timeline in mind, it definitely feels like it could go on forever if I don’t cut myself off. It’s easy to keep finessing and adding to projects like this, so I think it’s important for your motivation to make sure you are setting at least some soft deadlines to achieve. I’d like to have the internal spreads down by November, but with the fickle nature of freelance, it might be a little later. Either way, rest assured, it will be finished one day and I promise it will be worth the wait. Here are some more welcomed additions to the already impressive line up. Thank you to everyone who has let me shoot their space recently, and for all the wonderful people who have shared nice words about the photographs. I’m just shy of 2000 followers on IG and I’m stoked on every single one of you.

Photos from the studio of Beci Orpin.

A nice little story to complement these photographs. In 2012, I saw Beci speak at Semi Permanent and was pretty smitten. Incredible artist, lady boss in charge of her own creative journey, paving the way for other young creative women AND a cute haircut – how could you not be! I’ve followed her work ever since and since I started photographing studios, have always dreamed of one day shooting Beci’s. Getting to photograph her space for this project was a dream, and she is honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve had the luck to meet. She spoke at Sydney Semi Permanent earlier this year and used my photographs, so life has a funny way of coming back around and patting you on the back. Thank you Beci, it was a very big honour.

Beci and Alice in Beci Orpin's studio.

Julia Trybala in her home studio.

Emily Green in her studio.

Alexis Winter in her home studio.