Publication Project: Update 1

Hello all! With new jobs slowly trickling in and big opportunities on the horizon, now seemed like a good time to start a new personal project. Over the next few months I will be visiting the studios and homes of some of my favourite creatives, and documenting their spaces. All of these photos will eventually form a publication and potentially an exhibition; but until then, I am enjoying the freedom and good fortune of exploring. Interior photography is such a personal and wonderful expression of someone’s comforts and inspirations. Every artist who has been involved so far has been incredible, and I feel so blessed to be welcomed in by such an array of talented, humble and kind souls. At the moment, the releases are limited, but I promise they will all be revealed in good time!

Here are the photos thus far – a few short weeks in to the project.

Courtney Harley in her home studio.

David Booth (Ghostpatrol) in his studio.

Spencer Harrison in his studio.