Alec Reade from New Wayfinders
BTS documentation and collaborative filming

“Tatanja is a diligent and intuitive creative. I have been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with her as part of our Narrm-based Pasifika Community Art Collective, New Wayfinders.

Tatanja has a keen eye for executing direction and editing, and is so pleasant to be around on set or in community meet ups. She shows professionalism, coupled with a deep love, generosity and sense of pride in community, and I look forward to what we envision together in future endeavours”

Hound & Bone fine art printers
ongoing studio & portrait photography

"We started working with Tatanja in 2016 when we opened our studio. I never even considered any other photographers - I'd been following Tatanja on social media for a while and really admired her work, both as a photographer and a multidisciplinary artist.

I truly don't know any other photographers who capture people and spaces with as much creativity and care as Tatanja. She notices the small, personal details that few others do, and this attentiveness is truly invaluable - especially when you're working within a creative field. Tatanja has an incredible ability to make you feel at ease (no small feat when you're working with two very camera shy people!) and working with her always feels like a good catch up rather than a work shoot - yet time and time again, we're blown away by what she captures in these moments.

Tatanja has been instrumental in our businesses growth, and I do (and will continue to!) recommend her to everyone I know."

Cat Rabbit
Ongoing Studio & Exhibition documentation
+ promotional video

"There’s a winning mixture of calm, empathy and quiet curiosity in Tatanja’s method which creates a film that manages to give the viewer a gentle peep into your world, without being intrusive or awkward. When I watched what Tatanja had produced, it gave me the rare chance to be a visitor in my own world, and it was exciting! All the things I had started to take for granted were presented to me again and it completely re-energised me, and reminded me why I do what I do and how lucky I am to do it. 

As a form of documentation, Tatanja’s work is invaluable to me. It gives context to the work I am producing, and honours the process of creating which can easily be forgotten once your work is finished and in the world. 

I <3 On Jackson Street."

Frances Cannon
Promotional video / studio & installation photography

"Working with On Jackson Street creating a promotional video for my solo show at Tinning Street Gallery was one of my highlights of the year. Tatanja is easy to work with and has a beautiful, creative vision that gelled so well with my ideas for the video. When two creative people who have similar passions and goals work together to create something - it's MAGIC! 

I would recommend Tatanja to any artist needing videography or photography of their practice."

Promotional video / studio & installation photography

"Working with Tatanja from On Jackson Street was a total dream.

She is warm, affable and very easy to work with, plus of course, supremely bloody talented! I first saw a video piece she had made for a creative I admire, and I knew I had to get her to make one for me for an upcoming solo exhibition I was opening. After having her make a beautiful promotional video for it, and some great portrait shots of me in my studio, I began to understand just how powerful high quality photography is, and what a useful tool it can be to employ as a creative. Tatanja also came down to the exhibition to take installation photographs, which turned out so so perfect! They couldn’t have captured the space, in its energy, colour and vibrancy any better.

I’m very much looking forward to working with Tatanja on my next show, and probably every one that follows after that!"

The Imagetakers
Behind the scenes videography

“We love working with Tatanja. She is the ultimate professional and an absolute delight to have on set.

The Image Takers have a very prescribed way of working which means we always come armed with a detailed brief. One of the many joys of collaborating with Tatanja is that she takes our requirements on board and delivers exactly what we’re asking for. She is very diligent with her timeframes - very important for us! - and her ability to work with constructive feedback is one of her strong points. Her unfailing professionalism and ‘nothing-is-too-difficult’ attitude are two more.

Tatanja has a lovely way of looking at the world and we are always keen to get her video take on it.”